Performing in music video:

    ‘Single from the debut Endian EP (released on 30.09.2015 at Deadred/Starcastic Records). ︎︎︎ Far Light (single)

‘The video shooting was realized in deteriorated spa area “Grössling Spa” in Bratislava, Slovakia. Magdalene Solli, Norwegian student and dancer, personalizes the feelings of blindness and groping in the darkness caused by a voluntary infatuation. This blindness is often related to an indecision and fear impeding the perception of the things around us as they are. The search for a far light, personified by the dance of the young girl, denotes a sort of salvation.’

Music author: Samuel Štefanec (bulpmusic). Vocals by Jana Stefancova. Starring: Magdalene Solli. Directing, concept, editing: Marta Prokopová, Michal Blaško. Director of photography: Radka Šišuláková. Color grading: Marta Prokopová. Costumes: Maja Božovic. Make-up: Dominika Sekerková. Making of: Jakub Čajko. Special thanks to: Peter Danihel (Bond Reality), Viva Musica, Almostar s.r.o., Vladislav Šarišský, Anna Rumanová, KB Shop.’

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Far Light 

The making of the Far Light music video:

Photographer: Jakub Čajko
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